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              Selling Condo Assignment Direct

              Property owners can publish Condo Assignments for Sale on our site directly and FREE OF CHARGE.

              However, we only list COOP assignment listings on our marketplace.

              Pros & Cons Selling Directly
              • Your listing will receive the same listing page, same map and search engine placement as listings posted by agents
              • Your listing will be emailed to all our subscribers interested in condo assignments like yours
              • You don't have to pay anything to get your assignment sale listed on our website
              • You'll need to pay only 2.5% + HST commission to the buyer's agent (if any), but your expenses will be approximately twice as less than if you chose to sell with an agent
              • Your listing will not be published on MLS even if permitted by the builder, limiting your listing exposure
              • You will have to market your listing by yourself (On Social media, Kijiji etc)
              • You will have to do all communication with potential buyers by yourself
              • You will have to do all sales relevant activity & paperwork by yourself

              There is a two steps process to allow you to post assignments on our site.

              1. Step 1. Sign up for a Free Account. Takes less than a minute.
              2. Step 2. Submit your listing.

              Once posted, your Assignment Sale listing will be sent to all interested subscribers, and you will get designated page on our website, that you will be able to promote online.

              Selling Condo Assignment With An Agent

              It cost nothing for you to list your condo assignment with an agent. You don't pay if you don't sell.

              However, we only list COOP assignment listings on our marketplace.

              Pros & Cons Selling With Our Agents
              • Our agent will help you to understand the legal limits of your assignment advertisement, set by the builder, and stay within permitted borders
              • Our agent will professionally fill out the assignment form, describe advantages of your unit and pre-construction project it belongs to
              • Our agent will publish your assignment sale on MLS if permitted by the builder, and expose it the listing to tens of thousand people
              • Our agent will advertise your assignment sale on multiple social media public and private groups, that we are registered at
              • Our agent will take care of communication with potential buyers and/or their real estate agents
              • Our agent will take care of all sale relevant paperwork, to guarantee a smooth transaction
              • You pay 5% + HST agent commission comparing to only 2.5% + HST when you sell direct