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              Mortgage Payments & ROI Calculators

              Calculate mortgage payments, total monthly payments including property tax and condo fees (where applicable), mortgage amortization, and return on investment (ROI) forecast.

              Mortgage & Payments Calculator
              Property Financing Details
              Land Transfer Tax & Closing Expenses
              Downpayment Details
              Use in monthly payment calculation:
              Mortgage & Financing Details

              Assuming Fixed Rate, Monthly Payments

              (Mortg interest rate. Ex: 3.0)

              (Mortgage duration Ex: 25)

              (Borrowing rate Ex: 3.5)

              Save mortgage settings to your profile for automated mortgage calculation on all listings. Account login required.

              Mortgage & Payments Summary
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              Mortgage Payoff Options

              (Amount that you will prepay)

              (Year# to begin payments)

              (One time/monthly/annualy)

              Mortgage Amortization Details
              • Amortization Duration, years
              • Lump Sum Total
              • Interest Total
              • To Be Paid Total
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              Investment Assumptions

              (Anticipated monthly rent)

              Use AIDA to evaluated monthly rent,

              or, ask your agent about potential rental rate for this property.

              (Use for pre-construction)

              Annual Rates

              (Average 2-3% per year)

              (Average 5-7% per year)

              (Average 3% per year)

              (Average 8-10% or 0)

              Ask us about FREE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT FOR ONE YEAR option, available to our clients.

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