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              Real Estate Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistant

              About AIDA's Real Estate Time Machine

              Look back to know the future. Sell Smart. Buy with Confidence.

              Top Performing Neighborhoods, Homes and Condos for Sale & Rent.

              Browse AIDA-found locations by fastest growing in price/rent Real Estate. Learn how pricing has changed in the past, and how it's predicted to change in the future

              Predictions made by AIDA are based on local marketing trends, past performance, and other variables that may impact local real estate prices.

              Ask AIDA's Real Estate Time Machine

              Learn how the Real Estate Market performed in the past. See how it may perform in the future.

              Past performance statistics are driven by real estate sales historical data. Future prediction is provided by AIDA's machine learning algorithms, based on various factors that may impact the local real estate market.

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              AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistant) is currently in BETA version, and is available at no charge for a limited time.

              Some features are limited, with full access granted only to our clients and real estate agents representing ITRealty.

              All results are for informational purposes only, and we do not guarantee neither take any responsibility for AIDA's CMA accuracy. Please use it for the informational purpose only at your own risk, contact your agent (or one of ours), or a professional appraisal company for more details.

              AIDA's CMA is taking into account real estate market fluctuations for given type properties in the city and neighborhood, so sometimes CMA may significately vary from the prices properties are listed at.

              Please check below on the page for what AIDA is not including into the CMA.